The Coliseum is the place where you fight your last battle (unless you bought the alphite expansion) to prove your the best evoker to get to the coliseum you go to Fortuna City around the water (right, left, left, right) then you go straight into the building pay the cashier (make sure you went to the evoco to buy some stuff first otherwise you will probably lose) then you will come in a hall of fame with all oFirst time in Coliseum:


Mr Weldon

Name Creo Level Winnings Picture
Schoolish Schoolish ns 87 ᵶ?? Mr Weldon World Sprite
Emperuin Emperuin ns 87
Blixdra Blixdra ns 87
Hemishield Hemishield ns 87
Skalorn Skalorn ns 87

Kazu Cooper

Name Creo Level Winnings Picture
Fyroey Fyroey ns 87 ᵶ?? Kazu Cooper World Sprite
Armonia Armonia ns 87
Swarteau Swarteau ns 87
Solate Solate ns 87


Name Creo Level Winnings Picture
Furen Furen ns 85 ᵶ?? Maestro World Sprite
Naja Naja ns 87
Rebas Rebas ns 87
Seadrake Seadrake ns 89
Deor Deor ns 93


Name Creo Level Winnings Picture
Shog Shog ns 85 ᵶ?? Gravare World Sprite
Hydraja Hydraja ns 87
Kodock Kodock ns 87
Conleon Conleon ns 61
Ignodo Ignodo ns 93


Name Creo Level Winnings Picture
Nabat Nabat ns 85 ᵶ?? Reina World Sprite
Swarteau Swarteau ns 87
Illuvian Illuvian ns 87
Confal Confal ns 89
Noori Noori ns 93


Name Creo Level Winnings Picture
Kodock Kodock ns 85 ᵶ?? Socorro World Sprite
Stegopod Stegopod ns 87
Saldo Saldo ns 87
Mudra Mudra ns 89
Terrano Terrano ns 93