Sum Tunnel

1 Bread Crumbs 2 Ascensio Stone 3 Luminous Rock 4 Shiny Rock
5 Luminous Rock 6 Luminous Rock 7 Atacar Vial 8 Tome of the Mountain
9 Rouh Gemma Piece 10 Earth Gemma 11 Earth Gemma 12 Dark Gemma
13 Light Gemma 14 Terra Link 15 Light Gemma 16 Terra Link
17 Dark Gemma 18 Earth Gemma

Creo in Sum Tunnel

Part 1

Part 2

Scarasect Aeraja (rare) Ravian Aeraja (rare)
Radow Sariqo Scarasect Naja (rare)
Polycryst Gensim Radow Polycryst

Outside Sum Tunnel

1 Tome of Earth
2 Tome of Earth
3 Nature Gemma
4 100 Prime Gemma

Creo Outside Sum Tunnel

Cervantes (rare)

Monkopod (very rare)



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