Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Size: 107 MB


Date Released Changes
1.5.0 January 25 2017

- Added the ability to Export Creo to future titles. Go to settings and click on Export.

- Added additional Creo to capture

- Fixed various bugs

- If you encounter bugs please contact us at

1.4.1 8 March 2016

- Fixes a bug in the expansions

- If you have any issues, please email us at Please include your device name.

1.4.0 1 March 2016

- General Bug Fixes

- Major bug fixes

- Koppla cave is open!

- Added 9 translations to the game. Change languages by going to settings from the main menu

- New Expansion: Assault on Shadow Hive base! Available in the shop

-New Expansion: Alphite Emergence! Available in the shop

1.2.13 1 September 2015

- General bug fixes

- This game is ONLY in English. We are working on translation for other languages.

- Note: To access your friend list in multiplayer, click on battle -> invite or trade -> invite. To see current invitations, go to invites.

1.2.10 7 August 2015

- General stability fixes

1.2.8 31 July 2015

- Added optimization option in settings. Memory: keeps the game running smooth. Perform: keeps the loading times down (especially in battles)

- General stability fixes

1.2.1 25 July 2015

- Fixed lag

- General stability fixes

1.2.0 8 July 2015

- Cross-platform multiplayer is now live

- Fixed the news pop-up issues. Now tapping anywhere on the screen dismisses the news

- Final Shadow Hive boss crash fixed

- Various bug fixes

1.1.0 20 June 2015

- Balanced conditions (specifically Sleep)

- Fixed bug that caused saves to freeze on a black screen

- Alleviated the lag and crashing on iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch 5 and iPad 2/Mini

- Added the forfeit option when facing NPCs

- Fixed Google login issues

- General stability and bug fixes

1.0.2 15 May 2015

- Alleviated lag issues- Added Cloud saves via Google Play services [Google Plus]

- Item NPC dialogue bug fixed

- General bug and stability fixes

1.0.1 29 April 2015 - Game Released


Compatibility: Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Size: 41 MB


Date Released Changes
1.5.0 January 21 2017

- Fixed the "player stuck" bug in labs

- Fixed a bug on start up that effected devices with android 7 (nougat)

- Fixed a bug with the export feature(You have to re-export you Creo to use in other games)

- If you have any issues, contact us at

1.4.5 14 June 2016

- Added New Creo! Find them hiding all over Zenith!

- Added the Exp Orb in the Shop. Can be used to get an Ascensio stone once per day. Will also be used in future games.

- If you have any issues, contact us at

1.2.11 7 August 2015 - Looking for people to translate the game- General bug fixes
1.2.10 1 August 2015 - Fix loading screen and saving issues.- General bug fixes
1.2.9 31 July 2015 - General Big Fixes
1.2.7 18 July 2015 - General Big Fixes- Login Fixed

9 July 2015

- Released


Version Date Released Changes Compatability
1.0.0 10 July 2015 - Released Android 4.0 or Higher

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